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May 22-23: Final weekend of games for Spring '21 season

June 1-August 1: Fall Registration 

Sept-Nov: Fall '21 season


As of 4/30/21 at 5 PM: Face Coverings are no longer required for recreational athletes when exercising outdoors.

Gov Roy Cooper's Ex Order # 209 issued April 28, 2021

2.5.Face Coverings for Recreational, School, Professional, and Collegiate Athletes Under a COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol.

Face Coverings are recommended, but not required for professional or collegiate athletes in indoor or outdoor settings, or for recreational or school athletes five (5) years or older when exercising outdoors if(1) they are strenuously exercising or recovering from exercise and (2) those athletes are training for or participating in a sport that is under the oversight of a league, association, or other organizer that required teams and players to follow a protocol for reducing risk from COVID-19. (April 30-June 1)


FAQ for Ex Order # 209:

Page 4: Are Face Coverings required for athletes participating in youth, high school, and amateur athletic events?

Face Coverings are not required for those recreational and school athletes over age five (5) when exercising outdoors. Recreational and school athletes over age five (5) should continue to wear a Face Covering when exercising indoors, unless an exception applies.


4/30/21 at 2:15 PM: NC DHHS Guidance for Youth Sports: indoors only for masks

"Regardless of the type of sport being played, all administrators of sports programs are required to: 

Have all coaches, athletes, spectators and other participants wear a face covering indoors, unless they state that an exception applies, or they are more than 6ft away from anyone outside of their household at all times."


All other Covid-19 policies outlined below are still in place.



ALL Practices:  CJ website, updated by 4 PM Monday-Friday; 11 AM Sunday.

FOR GAME cancellations:  there are two different websites, depending on age:

 *JK/MOPPETS  through UNDER 12:  CJ website, updated by 7:30 AM Sat, 11 AM Sun. 

 *U14 and U18 GAMES: MARS website  http://www.marsoccer.org/ 

(Reason:  CJ/County fields may be closed but private fields used by other MARS teams remain open.)

Note the following:  

1. Fields may need a day or two to dry out after a heavy rain. CJ uses county fields. Mecklenburg Park & Rec makes the call to close fields; not CJSF.  

2. After 4 pm on weekdays, team decisions will be made by the coach prior to or at practice.

3. On game days, if conditions change, referees AND coaches will make decisions at the field. The websites, both CJ and MARS, will be updated accordingly.

Check this web site before heading to the fields!


Covid requirements per NCDHHS and Meck County

Updated April 30, 2021


A mask or a face covering is no longer required while playing outdoors at practices and games as of April 30, 2021 at 5 PM per NC Ex Order # 209. 

NC DHHS Youth Sports Guidance of April 30, 2021



Spectators at practices should remain in their cars or away from the playing field. The County Health Dept does not want spectators to congregate around the playing field during practices. (March 4 2021). 

A player is limited to two (2) spectators per game; social distance between family units; masks required if 6' social distancing is not possible at ALL times. Note that siblings and coaches are not part of the two spectator limit.

Key Points

Follow the 2 W's - Wash your hands, Wait 6' apart

If a player/coach/parent/referee is experiencing any symptom of Covid-19 or any other illness, do not come to the field; includes any fever within 24 hours of practice or game.

•Spectators, players and coaches should stay at least six (6’) feet from all field lines to social distance from players and referees on the field.

*Do not congregate before, during or after a game. Do not carpool.

•Limit of two spectators per player at games. Siblings of players are not included in the two person limit. Spectators sit on the opposite side of field from team and along the baselines for U8 to U18 games. Please do not sit along same sideline as teams since they need the sideline to spread out. Exception: One parent needs to be with each U5 and U6 player and sit on the team side to help the coach manage the players.

*Coaches must maintain social distancing from players and referees. Keep all team talks to less than 5 minutes. No sustained contact or face to face interaction.

*Use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently.




• All players must arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the kickoff time.

• If a player is experiencing any symptom of Covid-19 or any other illness within 24 hours prior, they must not come to the field. 

• Face coverings are no longer required outside per the State; waiting on County.

• Every player should have hand sanitizer in their soccer bag. 

• During the game, players on the sideline must adhere to social distancing rules and sit at least six (6’) feet apart from each other and the sideline.

• No handshakes nor fist pumps when greeting teammates and coaches.

• No close celebrations-no high fives, etc- after goals are scored.

• During half-time and pre-post-game speeches all players must maintain social distancing.

• Players need to bring their own water (please bring enough for the entire game).

• Do not share any equipment nor touch any field equipment (cones, goals, flags, etc.).

• After the game players should not congregate in groups and should go directly to their cars. You can clap and cheer!

• Players should not take off any equipment until they have left the facility.


• Spectators experiencing any symptom of Covid-19 or any other illness must not come to the field.

• Spectators must stay in their vehicles until 5 minutes before kickoff.

Spectators are limited to TWO per player. Parents with additional siblings of players are permitted to bring them to games under the same guidelines as adults. (face masks highly recommended, social distancing at all times when spectating). Coaches do not count in player limit.

• Spectators must stay within your family group, stay 6 feet away from other families and 6’ away from all the field lines (behind the red hash lines if field is marked). 

*Spectators watch/stand/sit on opposite sideline from the teams. They are now allowed to be on the baselines/goal lines in addition to the sidelines to help  with social distancing. Please give the goalie consideration by staying 6' away from goal and avoid distracting or interacting with the goalie.

• Spectators that are congregating will be asked to leave the fields immediately.

• After the game spectators should go directly to their cars to wait for players or promptly escort their players off the field.


• If a coach is showing any symptoms of Covid-19 they must not come to the field.

• Coaches will practice social distancing with other staff and players.

* Coaches need to stay 6’ away from all the field lines (behind the red hash lines if field is marked) to allow social distancing between themselves and the referees and players on the field and on the other team.

• Coaches will be responsible for all shared equipment and must sanitize as needed.

• During half-time and pre and post-game speeches or huddles, coaches must maintain social distancing and keep all talking brief (less than 5 minutes).


General Policy Highlights

1. Club OR Recreation-you cannot play both. Ch Jr is 100% recreation level soccer.

2. 24 hour "cool down" period. Chill first-chat/email later.

3. Be civil and polite. But of course! Thank you

Questions? Email charlottejrsoccer@gmail.com




Charlotte Junior Soccer

Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents--Please read!

Important notes regarding Sportsmanship for Coaches and Parents-where you should be at games, rules on noise-makers, etc

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  • Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents--Please read!

    Important notes regarding Sportsmanship for Coaches and Parents-where you should be at games, rules on noise-makers, etc

    More Info

  • Healthy Snacks and Good Hydration

    The Mecklenburg County Medical Society’s Child Health Committee has been concerned about the number of sports teams which traditionally close a game or match with unhealthy sn...

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