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Spring Season Update April 29, 2020

Charlotte Jr Soccer postponed ALL activities through April 29 and now through May 8 per the latest from Gov Cooper. May 8 is the projected start of Phase 1 in our recovery/restart, with May 22 or May 29 to start Phase 2. Based on those projections, the CJ Board has worked on a plan to salvage as much of a spring season as possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot schedule a May/June season for the U5-U6-U8 divisions given the large number of teams in each of the six divisions and the expected limits on park attendance in Phase 2. An email will be sent out to all U5-U6-U8 parents shortly explaining the credit/refund process in more detail. We look forward to having our youngest players back in the fall. 

The U10s, U12s, U14s, and U18s will have a late spring/summer season for all coaches/teams that want to participate. Phase 2 is slotted to begin May 28 at the latest, so we will design a game schedule starting May 30-June 27, with games during the week and on the weekend. Not all coaches/teams elected to participate in this June season. All non-participating players will receive a credit/refund. If this May/June season ends up getting cancelled, all the May/June players will also receive a credit/refund.

CJ will operate under the guidance of the County for safety for youth activities and camps, or not at all. If anyone is not comfortable playing under these conditions, please let us know and we will issue a credit/refund. If you would like to play and your team has chosen not to, let us know that and we'll try to place you on a team. There will be some attendance limits required by the county and we will abide by all those in our scheduling. We'll have a more detailed email out to you soon.

Please remember that CJSF is a non-profit. Considerable money has been spent getting the Spring season set up through the purchase of uniforms and equipment, field paint and prep, and registration costs. We will credit all spring participants as much as possible, even cutting into our precious savings, to get as much back to you in credits toward future seasons in these difficult times. Note that refunds may take a little bit longer, and are more expensive for us to process, than a credit.

We thank you again for your patience as we deal with the rapidly changing situation in truly unprecedented times. There is no playbook for anyone with this pandemic, in any situation, location, or occupation. Please stay safe and well.

Spring 2020

Questions? Email



For Practices-this website, updated by 4 PM Monday-Friday.

For U5-U12 GAMES- this website, updated by 7:30 AM Sat, 11 AM Sun. 

For U14 and U18 Games: Mars web site: (not CJr web site)


Policy Highlights

1. Club OR Recreation-cannot play both. Ch Jr is 100% recreation level soccer.

2. 24 hour "cool down" period. Chill first-chat later.

3. Be civil and polite at games. But of course! Thank you









Charlotte Junior Soccer

Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents--Please read!

Important notes regarding Sportsmanship for Coaches and Parents-where you should be at games, rules on noise-makers, etc

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  • Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents--Please read!

    Important notes regarding Sportsmanship for Coaches and Parents-where you should be at games, rules on noise-makers, etc

    More Info

  • Healthy Snacks and Good Hydration

    The Mecklenburg County Medical Society’s Child Health Committee has been concerned about the number of sports teams which traditionally close a game or match with unhealthy sn...

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