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Fall 2020 Season - July 31, 2020

Ch Jr is looking forward to welcoming our players back to the fields this fall!

State and county COVID-19 requirements will be followed to the best of all of our abilities. NC Dept of Health and Human Services-NC DHHS-has posted Guidelines for Phase 2 Youth Sports. Mecklenburg County is following these guidelines for all groups using their facilities which includes Ch Jr Soccer. Click this link for details or go to the NC DHHS "Interim Guidance for .... Youth Sports" as of July 22, 2020

Phase 3 Guidelines have not been posted yet but we anticipate that games will be allowed and field limits will be raised to 50 people or higher per field. The date for the start of Phase 3 has also not be announced but August 7th is looking less likely-Sept 1st more likely. Ch Jr will work with the County to make sure we are in compliance with all Phase 3 guidelines, which should be similar but less restrictive than Phase 2.

Fall Registration opens on July 1 and closes on August 1.  Play will begin after Sept 1 and conclude in late November. Online signups remains open until at least mid-August with a $10 late fee-remember that placement on a team is on a space-available basis for all late sign ups. If you have a credit from Spring '20, this will automatically be used for Fall '20 registration so most participants should only be charged $60 per player.

Ch Jr is hoping to operate as near to “normal” soccer program this fall. In August, if we determine that we cannot operate parts of our program or we have to cancel the entire season Ch Jr will issue a refund or credit of $150 to all paid and affected participants ($160 - $10 processing/registration fee = $150) i. e. the credit from Spring will be replaced on your account and the fall portion minus $10 will be credited, or refunded per your request.

Additional items Ch Jr is considering:

For Players: for U12 and younger-all kick ins, no thrown ins; goalies will be asked to have hand sanitizer by the goal; no handshakes, high fives, etc; no huddles; no shared water bottles; each player has hand sanitizer and water bottle marked with name; for U14 and U18, play in house if we have enough teams or play in house with smaller teams (6v6 vs 11v11).

For Parents: limit of one parent per game with mask and 6' apart; field marked for 6' spaces around field including baselines; game schedules with extended time between games to allow for proper ingress and egress from field/park; responsible for taking temperatures and keeping kids at home when appropriate/symptom screening.

For Coaches: washable mask(s) for coach and hand sanitizer (if available) will be provided in all equipment bags.

If we are forced to cancel the season any time after mid-August, Ch Jr will credit as much of the registration fee as possible to our paid participants based on the necessary hard expenses incurred by that date (similar to what we were able to do for Spring ’20). Ch Jr is trying to limit our pre-season hard costs as much as possible. If you change your mind after signing up and do not want your child to participate, please let us know by Sept 1 so we can refund or credit your Fall '20 fees, i.e. specifically, we will put the Spring credit back on your account and credit the Fall portion (minus $10), or refund the Fall portion per your request. 

Again, we will work with the County to offer a safe, fun, and as near to normal recreation soccer program for our players and families this fall. Look forward to seeing everyone at the fields soon.


May 29 from Mecklenburg County Parks and Rec (all CJ fields are County controlled)

Good Afternoon,

Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. Please see below for a quick update on athletic field reservation status.

Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation Department athletic fields are open for public use, on a first come first served basis, provided users comply with CDC and NCDHHS guidelines on mass gatherings and physical distancing.  During “Phase II (May-June),” we are not accepting athletic field reservations for organized sports (camps, trainings, practices and/or games).  We are anticipating the re-opening of athletic field reservations in “Phase III (July),” but it will depend on CDC, NCDHHS, federal, state, and local government regulations and guidelines. 

This direction is being taken by a multitude of Park and Recreation departments in and outside of the State of North Carolina and follows recommendations from the North Carolina Recreation & Park Association (NCRPA) and the National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA).


Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation


Questions? Email



For Practices-this website, updated by 4 PM Monday-Friday.

For U5-U12 GAMES- this website, updated by 7:30 AM Sat, 11 AM Sun. 

For U14 and U18 Games: Mars web site: (not CJr web site)


Policy Highlights

1. Club OR Recreation-cannot play both. Ch Jr is 100% recreation level soccer.

2. 24 hour "cool down" period. Chill first-chat later.

3. Be civil and polite at games. But of course! Thank you









Charlotte Junior Soccer

Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents--Please read!

Important notes regarding Sportsmanship for Coaches and Parents-where you should be at games, rules on noise-makers, etc

More Info

  • Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents--Please read!

    Important notes regarding Sportsmanship for Coaches and Parents-where you should be at games, rules on noise-makers, etc

    More Info

  • Healthy Snacks and Good Hydration

    The Mecklenburg County Medical Society’s Child Health Committee has been concerned about the number of sports teams which traditionally close a game or match with unhealthy sn...

    More Info


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